Orlando Ribeiro scientific bibliography (1934-2008)

This revised edition includes 414 works. It was prepared by Ilídio do Amaral with the assistance of Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro. Important help was also provided by Margarida Ribeiro who compiled and organized the extensive bibliography of the geographer throughout decades and by Manuel Ramos Ribeiro who discovered forgotten papers during the first steps of the Legacy organization.

The works are listed year by year in a chronological sequence divided in five successive periods.

1934 - 1950 1951 - 1960 1961 - 1970 1971 - 1980 1981 - 2004

The last 15 references are for posthumous editions. In the coming years we intend to publish other important Orlando Ribeiro works, especially his field note-books which are precious scientific evidences of his numerous study travels.

The bibliographic references are followed by subject and other content notes and include reference to the various editions when they occurred.

All the works by Orlando Ribeiro, published until 2004 are also listed in the online catalogue of his private library, therefore allowing one to access his bibliography by title and scientific themes.

Suzanne Daveau